“Don’t worry, I can fix this in post.”
Hello there! 
My name is Leoj. I’m a photographer and graphic designer.
My interests for creativity began with photography, but I later discovered graphic design shortly after starting Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) in Western Sydney University. It took some trial and error to figure out the kinks, finding inspiration and learning with the people I know. Image and design can create something that’s potentially beautiful. Throughout my university career I have done event photography and designing promotional collateral for University’s services and a number of clubs.
I tend to keep working on things until they are 110% done. I always try to salvage what has already been done and improve on it. I learn from my mistakes. When I get in the zone, that’s when I work the best. I’m an active listener and I’m not afraid to ask questions.
Trial and error is everything in design. You find the right inspirations to jumpstart your progress. Design is meeting different kinds of people and it often involves working together. Design is also a journey of self-discovery, you learn things that you haven’t ever thought of doing.